I Feel Like Dancing

Fantazja Live
Fight Club, Stampen,
T- Gamla stan, Stockholm

Cost: 60 SEK.

We will enter stage around 20.30 and Pontus has some new moves he want to show you all so be sure to be there on time!


Ladies and Gents!

We proudly present our first album
'Help Yourself'.

1. How I Feel
2. Remedy
3. Kathy
4. Tension
5. Make a Wish
6. Thoughts Are Dust
7. Instruct Me Further
8. Dwell
9. You Ask Nothing of Me
10. Speechless
11. Fist Meets Face
12. Sing This Song
13. Something Else

Listen to all tracks here

Pre-order here

A Different Drum (US)
Hotstuff (SE)
Poponaut (DE)

Out in stores in October



We're going through the final stages of the artwork, so very soon we shall have a release date of our debut album 'Help Yourself'.

Meanwhile, Alex's been working on some remixes:

First out is an exclusive song only available on A Different Drum's latest sampler 'Synthpop for a Darkened Room 4'. Our song is called 'Kathy (Mys Mix)'. You can listen to it on our Myspace and then order it here of course.

Secondly, a remix for a band under the name Triasmince. A trio from the northern parts of Sweden, making memorable music with beautiful female vocals. We decided to put this one up for free, but only for a limited time, so be sure to download it and share it with your friends!

Triasmince - One Song to Be Sung (Fantazja Mix)

Also a mix for the german band Rename is in production. Watch out!


19/5-07 -

So it's time for us to step into the light and expose ourselves like never before. Here's two clips from our previous gig.

You Ask Nothing of Me

Sing This Song

In case you can only hear audio, download the newest divx codec from to make sure your mediaplayer support these avi files.

Huge thanks to Ragnar Schön for supporting us on keyboard.

8/5-07 -

come back soon for a live vid..


21/4-07 -

Valborgsgig 30/4!

4 years ago we had a gig at the Walpurgis event at Nytorps Gärde in Stockholm. Now we're back! It was an amazing crowd last time, so we really look forward to this. It's outdoors, free of charge and all ages are welcome. We'll go on stage 8.15 pm.

Click here to see a map


20/3-07 -


Thanks to all of you that ordered our first release! And if you like it, we're sure you'll like the album even more. Unfortunately, it won't be out until summer. Lately we've been working on a remix for Blue October's re-release of their debut album 'Incoming' and also an exclusive mix of 'Kathy You're Bleeding' for the label-sampler 'Synthpop For a Darkened Room 4'. As for the album, we got two songs left to produce, so be patient :)

If you have a Swedish dictionary lying around, you might want to check out an interview with us.


21/1-07 -

'Sing This Song' will be released
as a single 15th of February.

1. Sing This Song
2. Sing This Song (Rupesh Cartel's Ackerkeller remix)
3. Cornered
4. Sing This Song (Serenade)
5. Sing This Song (Neon Tiger mix)
6. Make a wish (Rapid Club mix)
7. Sing This Song (Rename's Many Times mix)
8. Sing This Song (Piano Coda)

Listen to all tracks here

and then

Place your order! (SE)
A Different Drum (US)
Music Non Stop (UK)
Poponaut (DE)

Fantazja is now working on their forthcoming debut album, scheduled to be released in spring 2007.

13/11-06 -


The latest photo of Fantazja is three years old so we had to do something about it. Click on 'Pictures' below to see something beautiful :-)

12/11-06 -


We just finished a remix for Ultraviolet. The song is called "This is what a pain is for" and will be featured on the bonus cd of their forthcoming album named DOS. So be sure to pick up the limited edition or you will miss it! To be released in January..

Sing This Song MCD postponed to early next year. Tracklist coming soon.

24/9-06 -

Ok, time to let go of our anonymity! You can now read our past in the About/Fantazja section.

16/9-06 -

Pre-album release
Sing this Song will be released as a MCD before the end of this year. It will contain remixes by Rupesh Cartel among others.

Fantazja @ myspace

1/8-06 -

Fantazja has been signed!

- Fantazja's debut album will be released by the label A Different Drum in the year 2007. While waiting you can listen to some excerpts in the audio section.

Stay tuned...